Mission: The SPC is a reference in Portugal, in the process of logistic support, intermodality and transport through the exploration of a net of terminals/logistic platforms and rail-road.

Vision: The multipurpose concept of platform developed by the SPC allows it to dispose in an only space, a widened set of services that if complement.

Values: Honesty, Professionalism, Respect, Humiliate, Fellowship and Responsibility.


- The SPC - Serviço Português de Contentores, s.a. it was constituted the 9 of July, with a capital stock of 50.000 Euros.

1972 - It initiated the activity in the containerization, year where it inaugurated the Terminal of Containers of the Matinha, first private infrastructure of the type, in Portugal, with the objective to support the traffic of containers that if developed in the port of Lisbon.

1983 - In regimen of sub contractual for ANA - Airports and Air travel, the SPC started to assure the operational management of the air cargo terminals of the three main national airports, activity this that exerted until the o year of 2000, height where by force of the communitarian legislation, the activity was liberalized. It was during the decade of 80 that the SPC extended to its activity to the North and South of the Country, having itself implanted, in Sines with the OPERSUL and the participation in the Trust for exploration of the Terminal of Coal, in Setúbal with the SULTIR, the Figueira of the Estuary with the CENTRÁFEGO, in Leixões with the TEN and Aveiro with the TIRTIFE.

1992 - The SAPEC acquired 52.5% of the capital stock of the SPC.

1995 - The SAPEC assumed the totality of the capital stock of the SPC. The integration in Group SAPEC represented an important step. This new stage allowed the company to gain dimension, Iberian and international projection. The SPC became, thus, the logistic branch of Group SAPEC, developing its strategies in the port, logistic activity of distribution, storage and air cargo.

2000 - In partnership with other port operators, it gained the concessions of the Terminal of Containers of Stª Apólonia, of the Terminal Multipurpose of the Devout one and the Terminal of Containers of Leixões, activity this that decided to abandon in the 2001 end, for difficulties in the implementation of the proper strategies had the withheld minority participation in the societies. It passed, then, the SPC, directly or through the affiliated companies, to centre its activity in the exploration of the Terrestrial Multipurpose Terminals that encloses the businesses of Depot, Grumpier and Railway. For moreover, the SPC still generates the participation of Group Sapec in the area of Position, nominated, the Terminal of Granaries of Setúbal and the Navipor.

2005 - Direction is strategy for the management of Industrial Logistic Platforms.

It is assumed thus at this moment as one of the main national actors in the management of confectioner or private terminals, offers logistic services third, with operations in Portugal and Spain. It operates Multipurpose and Intermodal Platforms in the areas of Setúbal, Lisbon and Oporto, dispose one varied joint one of logistic services, road and rail-road distribution.