These are areas reserved to goods with destination to or proceeding from non EC countries.
The main aim of the Customs warehouse is to allow our customers to have their goods in warehouse without having to pay the due taxes when products are placed on the market. Thus taxes can be paid only after the goods have been sold.

Cross-Docking Services

The products are handled directly from the reception platform to the outlet platform.
In the Cross-Docking or distribution "flow - through" your products are received in our warehouse where they stay only the time necessary until the delivey order.

The stuffing and unstuffing  of international transport units, lorries and containers require specialized know-how. SPC has in all its terminals the necessary resources to render services related with import and export in accordance to Portuguese Customs and communitarian regulations.

The new concept of Multimodal Terminals that SPC has been developing is more competitive and eliminates the "empty" containers traveling between the stuffing/unstuffing locations and the respective Depots.

Additionally SPC provides the distribution and gathering of cargo all over the country.